Downsizing is the process of pairing down belongings in preparation of moving to a smaller location. Often Seniors and their children find this process necessary in moving to a smaller home or nursing care facility. A Time to Organize can help ease this process by providing a fresh opinion of what will fit into the smaller space.

A Time to Organize assists in this process by organizing and sorting items that have been determined to be relocated. We then assist in how they will be organized in your new home. Presenting a scaled layout utilizing your favorite furnishings in your new home. To coordinate with existing items in the new home, we would equip you with new bath linens, bedspread, etc., according to your budget and needs. We will be available to place furnishings, hang pictures, and install new bedding, etc.

Moving Service

    Pre-Move Service:
  • Assist in deciding what is kept, donated, or sold
  • Set up donation pick-ups
  • Set up a yard sale
  • Prepare for the movers
  • Assign a color coded system for each room
    Post-Move Service:
  • Unpack & Set up the kitchen and the beds the first day
  • Assist with unpacking boxes and assigning placement in each room
  • Furniture placement in the new home